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City of Acuña

Cuidad Acuña is located across the border from Del Rio Texas off of U.S. Highway 277 leading into the state of Coahuila Mexico.

This border town, on the waters of the Rio Grande, has grown exponentially over the past ten years.  Growth has been principally due to NAFTA and the construction of the "macqilladoras" (factories).  According to formal census records, Cuidad Acuña has grown from about 56,000 in 1990 to over 110,000 in 2000.  Some have estimated the population of the area to be closer to 200,000.  Cuidad Acuña has experienced the highest growth over other border towns for the same period of time.

The population growth is fueled by nationals migrating from the interior of Mexico, seeking a better way of life.  Traditional Mexican culture relies on strong family ties which are not accustomed to the mobilization of the family as experienced in the U.S.  Due to this change in cultural dynamic, Cuidad Acuña is an open door for outreach ministry of the Gospel.

Though the population has exploded, the city has been able to retain its friendly small town culture.  We invite you to partner with the local churches in fulfilling The Great Commission.  We are happy to help identify needs and establish working relationships with the various evangelical ministries in the area.

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